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650L Automatic Industrial Stirrer Tilting Pot Gas Heating Cooking Machine
Cooking machine; gas cooking machine; tilting pot
The main body of the pot is made of SUS304 stainless steel material.PLC is used to control the cooking process automatically.The hydraulic pressure system is used to turn the material out.It is equipped with a man-machine interface which is easy to operate, stable and reliable.Energy saving 20%-30% than normal gas heating.Cooking machine could be used for frying sauce paste pickles,compound condiments.
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Equipment overall dimensions in general
2500*2003*2100 mm
Overall dimensions when pot turning over
3150*2003*3200 mm
Cooking pot volume
Stirring rate
Temperature measurement range
0-400℃ (±2℃)
PTFE 5 stirrers
Hob arrangement
4 circles
Power of the stirrer motor
2.2KW-380V (voltage could be adjustable)
Power of the Hydraulic power
Gas pressure
4000-5000 Pa



Automatic 650L gas cooking pot could be applied in various sauce paste and compoud condiment;

Main Features:

1.Stainless steel 304 is used to customizethe inner pot. It has good thermal conductivity and makes the material heatedmore evenly. 

2.Unique mixing design. The mixing shaftrotates and planetary motions ensure that there is no dead corner in the potand the product does not stick to the pot. 

3.The overturning action of mixing arm andinner pot body is controlled by hydraulic system. (ensure the stability of mechanical movement of equipment). 

4.Instant electronic temperature measurement is adopted and the temperature is showed automatically, which is convenient and exact for product quality control. The temperature sensor is intalian brand E+H,which could promise the temperature data more exactThere is temperature data stock in temperature controlling system which could help to adjust and research the recipe. 

5.The new silent energy-saving furnace heads are adopted which could burn the gas fully ,improve productivity and save energy. 

6.Our big advantage is PLC programme,could fully automatic operation to enhance customers’ experience,In future ,if factory want to realize automatic production line in future ,it is easy to connect with other machines which could save big cost for company.