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150L Automatic Gas Cooking Mixer Machine with Stirrers
Automatic cooking kettle with mixer; cooking kettle
The self-rotation of the mixing stirrers and the relative rotation of the pot body both ensure that there is no dead corner in the pot.
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Equipmentoverall dimensions in general

2300x1650x2000 mm
Ways of output
Turn over the cooking pot to pour out materials
Cooking pot Volume
Bottom of pot
SUS304-δ10 mm
Body of pot
SUS304-δ 8 mm
Speed of stir
10-20 r/min
Automatic temperature Range
0-400 ±2
Two or Three
Hydraulic system
Horizontal bar
Furnace plate
Silent energy-saving furnace plate
Heat of ways
Heat insulation
Three layers
Gas Pressure
4000-5000 Pa
Natural Gas Consumption
11 m3/h



The equipment could be applied in cooking vegetables, side dish, and pickles.

Main Features:

1. The cooking pot is equipped with SIEMENS touch screen, which is easy to operate automatically.

2. The self-rotation of stirrers and the relative rotation of pot body both ensure that the materials will not paste to the pot.

3. Imported food grade PTFE stirrers are healthy.

4. Fire and speed are adjustable, which is suitable for different materials.