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[Hard Power, Heart Service] Best Customer Service Award 2019 From Yihai (Haidilao)
Best Customer Service Award 2019

After years of all-round, multi-level and high-frequency cooperation, Chengdu Haike machinery and Yihai (Haidilao) have become close partners. Hycook has always adhered to the quality policy of "quality first, customer first, scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, standardized management, and improved efficiency". Relying on high-quality products and high-quality services, Hycook won Best Customer Service Award 2019. Thank you for Yihai(Haidilao) encouragement!

Gas Automaic Pot For Yihai

Since the cooperation, Hycook has provided more than 100 sets of intelligent gas automatic pot for Yihai (Haidilao) domestic and overseas factories. In 2019, the foreign trade department actively cooperated with Yihai (Haidilao) to explore overseas markets, and successively provided several batches of advanced equipment such as intelligent gas pot for factories in the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Taiwan.


Successively passed UL, NSF and CE certification to help Yihai (Haidilao) has successfully built an unmanned workshop with automatic production and standardized formula management, which not only ensures the quality of products, but also saves labor costs and improves work efficiency.


Hycook and Yihai (Haidilao) are based on the good foundation of business cooperation in the early stage, based on the principle of win-win cooperation and mutual benefit, combined with the needsand advantages of both parties, and centered on the production line of"hot pot bottom material/condiment smart wok as the core "Equipment technology upgrade" as the theme, the two parties signed the"Technology Joint Development Cooperation Intention Agreement" in June 2020.