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Automatic Industrial Intelligent Closed Frying Cooking Mixer Machine
Automatic cooking pot; cooking machine
The closed cooking pot is equipped with automatic CIP cleaner and it helps to achieve dust-free, smoke-free, and oil-free in the workshop. As of unmanned operation, cost reduction, energy-saving and high efficiency, it is suitable for the production of hotpot seasoning and pickles.
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Main Features:

1. The inner pot body is made of high-quality stainless steel 304, which has good thermal conductivity. The stainless steel could make the materials heated more evenly.

2. Unique mixing stirrers. As the mixing stirrers could rotate and revolve freely, there is no sanitary dead corner inside the pot.

4. Automatic PLC. Advanced automatic operation system can eliminate mistakes of manual operation, and it is helpful to realize intelligent production line.

5. Energy-saving unique silent furnace heads. The unique furnace heads could heat materials more quickly.

6. Customizable requirements. We could customize non-standard machines according to concrete requirements, such as automatic weighing system, etc.